About Us

The Banknote Society is dedicated to numismatic collectors and non-collectors interested in learning about our crazy world. Founded in 2021 as TBNS (OPC) Private Limited, The Banknote society has the vision to provide the best quality numismatic accessories to collectors worldwide at a pocket-friendly price.

Our products are manufactured with love and commitment towards quality and precision in India.

The foundation and the long term vision of TBNS is the satisfaction of our customers and a journey towards developing a long-lasting relationship with them. Once our customer means lifelong responsibility for TBNS.

Our Story

It all started when I visited my grandfather and stumbled on an old box full of silver turned brown coins.

What could be more fascinating to a nine-year-old kid than finding coins with photos of different people?

Always an artsy, I started collecting the coins with different photos, naive with the idea of what those pictures might mean.

You would laugh when I share that I in fact threw some coins that had similar pictures. I am not even sure now at the age of 24 what those coins might be worth. I would literally snatch every coin from anybody and everybody I could see a new face on.

This childhood fascination grew into a serious hobby!

I do not belong to the privileged class of family to buy the coins and notes that were important to me. Most of my collection is the gift of my ancestors, courtesy of my friends who visited foreign lands and the now earning me, who could exchange some valuables that I have with the valuables of others.

I saw my cousins growing up buying coins and notes they wanted but I did not know how to connect, how to share my collection, where to look for other collectors and the least to even understand how this entire thing works. Even if I stumble on a Facebook connection that does seem credible, how do I make sure it is?

That is when I envisioned creating a platform where anyone and everyone no matter what stage of expertise can engage with this larger numismatics community and learn and help each other grow. Why should this hobby be the privilege of the elite members? Why not make a platform as easy to navigate as Facebook and as easy to perform business operations as a phone call?

We aim to build a single platform that serves to educate, showcase, exchange and, build business relationships while ensuring high security and strict members verification to eliminate fraud.

If you are a numismatist, register here: https://community.thebanknotesociety.com/

Thank you!